Thursday, February 20, 2014


i am bringing back the blog. i decided for awhile to hang with the cool kids and when everyone else stopped blogging, i jumped off the cliff too. but then i decided to put together a memory book of 2012 and it got kinda hard to remember what happened all of those days that i didn't blog about. hey. this blog isn't just about showing everyone that you are super cool and seeing how many comments you can get (okay, maybe it is a little bit about that). mostly it is remembering the everyday. and since there is no day like the present let's go ahead and start with that:

7:20 AM Kate wakes up. Wait! Kate woke up at a time that started with something other than 6?? Well, I am learning that when she decides to scream for no reason during the night she also sleeps in the approximate amount of screaming time. Hmm, trade off. Screaming in the middle of the night and later wake up or no screaming and earlier wake up. Either way in my attempt to maximize no kid time I don't sleep much anyway so I guess it doesn't matter.

8:00 AM Elliot opened the super awesome fireman door that Michelle made for his birthday. Seriously, super awesome. He started spraying imaginary fires right there. You can even see the "ssshhh" noise of the water in the picture. Very realistic. As Dad texted me, "now your house is protected from fire! (at least the central 'hallway')". Kind of protected. I forgot to mention that elliot is actually the firehouse dog. kate is the firehouse cat. so that really only leaves me to man the firehouse and i was too busy taking pictures.

8:30 AM I finally start the pineapple, mint, ginger shrub syrup. So a shrub is an infused vinegar syrup that you can add to salad dressing, mocktails, cocktails (just in case i need the real thing sometime). Jamie has told me in no uncertain terms that he will not be consuming any shrubs. ever. in fact he would prefer to trim shrubs (which he hates) to drinking shrubs. Elliot volunteered though. That's not really saying much, he would probably prefer motor oil to water. Water is the devil! And mean mom always makes him drink lame water when he is thirsty. So vinegar is now a pleasant alternative.

9:00 AM to now (12:00 AM on the next day). Lots of stuff happened, here it is in recap: I cleaned the kitchen 3 times, Kate feed herself applesauce for the first time. It was not as much of a disaster as most of the things that involve kate and food which was a bonus. we went to free play at gymnastics where elliot and his very good sport of a friend tighe spent pretty much the whole time building a puppy house. elliot sometimes tells me no one will play with him at school and i want to say, "you mean no one will play puppy house with you at school". because elliot in no uncertain terms will not play super heroes, house, teenage mutant ninja turtles. kate took a nap! that alone deserves applause even though she takes one daily. for now. Elisa the babysitter came over for my weekly 3 hour reprieve. i was going to work. i didn't. but i did find out that when your sleep button breaks on your iphone and you bought it 14 months ago that will be $300 dollars. i think the broken sleep button and i will get along for a little while longer. i also made jamie endure a butternut squash and potato gratin. which he neatly sidestepped last night by suggesting we eat dinner at chipotle but i would not be thwarted twice! I think he had the right idea, there won't be any potato/squash gratins gracing our table in the near future! And then i needed ice cream to endure EVEN MORE cpe. 80 hours of which i am supposed to complete by the end of my birthday month (gulp) and which i kind of did and mostly did stuff like write on this blog! And there you have it, that was today.

Monday, September 17, 2012

adventures abroad

we decided a few months ago to brave one more trip abroad before the arrival of baby sister in december. we weren't very excited about the prospect of having to pay for three tickets this time around but hey, at least it's not four! 

we quickly realized that seattle is pretty much far from everything and august (which was the only time we could go) is the worst month to go to most places. because of these and a few other reasons we ended up picking colombia which gets an undeserved bad rap that also translates into very few north american tourists. which did not make us sad.

elliot was incredibly excited to ride on an airplane, check that, three airplanes (each way). but with the timing and the excitement of the trip he ended up mostly sleeping on the planes. still there were lots of airports to run through and planes to watch and he made sure to pack his own bag so that he was ready. contents? one dr. seuss board book.
i wasn't sure what to expect in colombia. with time share points from jamie's parents we booked a resort for part of our stay outside of the town of santa marta on the caribbean coast. so i knew to expect a beach and an ocean. but a view like this?? i was blown away, the natural beautiful of colombia was breathtaking.
the resort wasn't half bad either...
we loved having a resort as a home base that we could always come back to in order to escape the incredible heat and humidity and entertain elliot! but within a couple of days we were getting antsy to do something other than play in the pool so we rented a car and began to explore the area starting with a fresh coconut juice in the town of santa marta.
this smile is definitely the before picture... elliot hated the coconut juice. he did like most of the other kinds of tropical juices he tried in colombia though. juices and ice cream were pretty much the only "local" foods/drinks he was willing to consume and we consumed alot of both.
oh and popcorn. some things are universal (well maybe, strong possibility it was imported from the u.s.).
on one of our adventures we headed to tayrona national park for some hiking through the jungle. it was HOT! and humid. but all three of us walked the 2.5 miles to the beach (go elliot! as a reward for him and us he got carried on the way back..) with lots of stops to check out the cool carpenter ants (too small to see but they are on the log below) and for popsicles, twice! by the same roving vendor. we owe our sanity on the hike to that popsicle vendor. 
we made it! go figure... the beach was too dangerous to swim in. it was gorgeous though.
after six days at the beach resort we headed in our car down to cartagena. this was the part of the trip that i was really excited for, lots of culture, spanish influenced architecture and good food. only this time it was still hot and humid with no awesome pool complex to cool off in! with the exception of the weather in the middle of the day, it was fantastic.

our first sight of the walled city was hundreds of kites in the sky.
it didn't take us long to drop off our bags and the car and join in the kite flying fun. elliot's first kite lasted about as long as you would expect with a kite that only cost $2.50. he loved it though (i think jamie did too).
outside the walled city at dusk.

elliot is pretty picky (is this a normal 2.5 year old thing? it drives me crazy). but sometimes he gets it in his head that he wants to try something totally random and new. at 9:30 am one morning it was a few pieces of the local sweets. amused that he was willing to try something so different we indulged. he was kind enough to share with jamie and i and while both of the sweets he tried were terrible in my opinion he consumed them happily!
 hot and sweaty (and almost 6 months pregnant!) at la popa convent overlooking the city.
posing on the canon at the castillo de san felipe (walled fortress).
jamie and elliot posing in one of the tunnels that ran throughout the fort; used by the spaniards to protect the fortress.

one of the beautiful buildings in the walled city.
more pigeons! if you saw my facebook post from our short stop in bogota then you saw elliot feeding pigeons in plaza simon bolivar. he was timid through that whole experience but in cartagena he was a pigeon pro. that was cool from a distance and not so cool when he decided to bring all of the pigeons over to where i was sitting.
another beautiful convent/cathedral in the walled city.
on a horse drawn carriage ride! normally i would say no way... but with a toddler things change and to be honest, seeing the city at dusk from a carriage was fantastic. would do it again in a heartbeat. thanks to elliot for the suggestion (that we only heard about 50 times).
one night we decided to hit up la cervicheria which was featured on an episode of anthony bourdain's no reservations. i was a good pregnant girl and ordered a fully cooked octopus salad which was very good. but jamie's cerviche was truly one of the best things i have ever eaten and i did sample it more than a few times. if i wasn't pregnant i think we would have eaten every meal here. just thinking about it makes me crave the citrus tang and the incredibly fresh fish.
so we didn't get kidnapped, or mugged or even harrassed all that much. much of colombia is still an impoverished third world country and we saw that first hand on our drives through the coasr but the people are kind and the natural scenery breathtaking. i have a feeling we will be back.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

running (shuffling?) the ragnar

although it is hard to see, under my fluffy yellow tutu and large pregnant belly (dotted with rain drops) are my trusty running shoes that got me through 15.7 of running in the ragnar this weekend.  
when you are passed in a race it is called being "killed" and if you pass someone it is called a "kill". although i didn't keep track exactly, i was probably "killed" about 15 times and my total "kill" count consisted of one walker with an it band problem. being 19 weeks pregnant makes me super fast. BUT, i was the picture of style, always the most important thing, right?
12 girls, 2 vans, 36 hours, 200 miles... ragnar 2012, done and done.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


last week we got our first csa box! and... most of it is still sitting in my fridge.

it has become trendy for local farms to sell "shares" of their farm for the season and seattle, of course, has jumped head first into the community supported agriculture "csa" bandwagon. as a member of a csa, "you join for the whole season and pay the farmer directly for your produce, which provides a secure retail market for the farm's crops. this gives financial stability to the farm, which in turn enables the farm to commit to high quality produce at far prices for you". (yes i took this directly from the farm's website). when i was researching which farm i wanted to join for the summer i created an excel spreadsheet just to keep all of the farms straight.

i was really excited to start receiving fresh produce but with the exception of the strawberries and the cilantro, yikes! turnips? radishes? if anyone has made an amazing dish with garlic ramps please share!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

before and almost after

the remodel is finished! well really really close to finished anyway... i am just happy to not have everything i do be accompanied by steady construction noise and dust, hooray! so although we still need drapes, pillows, some cabinet knobs and definitely some art, here is the almost after:


 A couple of other random pics of the remodel that didn't have a good before shot...

Monday, May 14, 2012

the confectionary

for a few summers when i was growing up we lived in seattle to spend time with my mom who was pursuing a degree at the university of washington at the time. probably one of the reasons that i was so excited to move to seattle last year was that i have fond memories of lots of sunshine. come to find out, the three months that i happened to live in seattle each year are the only three months with sunshine!

in addition to sunshine, we had a favorite milkshake place (now closed), bakery (now closed), and a candy store (still open!). just last week i stopped by the candy store and good memories came flooding back of earlier years where candy was still a part of my daily diet (sigh). i picked up a few things and on a whim entered into a contest for... free candy!

imagine my surprise when i found out today that i won! i think i might have to have elliot in tow on this trip, time to introduce the next generation to the joys of making the candy ladies pull out one of each kind of candy from all of the beautiful, clear glass jars and making yourself sick on the car ride home. that is what being a kid (and that includes the kids at heart) is all about.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

when you have more time than money.

we have been looking at chandeliers for our living room and of course the one that we decided one was not exactly cheap. in fact our designer found it here for $540.

not one to give in to that kind of a price tag without a fight, i did some googling and found the exact same chandelier here for $519.

of course if you are fancy pants, you could also go here and pay $671 or here and pay $703 for the EXACT SAME CHANDELIER.

i eventually found the real bottom price. $469. not cheap but not $703 either. and with a 5% rebate from plus a 4% off coupon (that the website actually wouldn't apply but i will be calling them tomorrow!) that makes my total $427.73.

and this is how i spend my time.